Pandora Electric Blinds

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✅ Fitted in just 72 hours

✅ Made in our own UK factory

Embrace effortless luxury with electric blinds from Pandora Factory. Transform your modern home with the ultimate in convenience and control, available in both sleek roller blinds and versatile day & night styles.

Indulge in endless possibilities:

Vast fabric selection: From classic plains to trendy textures and vibrant prints, personalize your blinds to match your unique style.
Extensive color palette: Find the perfect hue to complement your décor and create the desired atmosphere.
Multiple add-ons: Enhance functionality with thermal lining for energy efficiency, blackout options for undisturbed sleep, and more.
Experience the magic of remote control:

Effortless operation: Adjust your blinds with a simple touch, from the comfort of your couch or even your smartphone.
Multiple blinds, one control: Program multiple blinds to operate together or individually, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
Ideal for bifold doors: Enjoy seamless control over large openings, maintaining light and privacy effortlessly.
Upgrade your living space with the ultimate in smart home technology:

Convenience redefined: Experience the luxury of hands-free control, eliminating cords and chains for a child-safe and modern aesthetic.
Enhanced privacy: Enjoy complete control over privacy levels, creating a sense of security and comfort at any time.
Modern elegance: Elevate your home’s style with sleek blinds that seamlessly integrate into any modern décor.